Monthly Archive for December, 2016

Automatic Switches

As part of upgrading the visuals of the train, here’s a new model with new materials for automatic switches of the train. These switches take role of circuitbreakers – they protect various parts of control circuits of the trains against excessive currents. There are approximately ~72 of them in a 81-717 train.

These switches have three states (off, on, tripped). In many cases, disabling part of the train control circuitry may help when diagnosing or eliminating a problem that would otherwise leave the train stopped. There were also cases when drivers have made very considerable mistakes due to an otherwise minor failure – while simply switching off the electric circuit would’ve eliminated the issue.


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Wheel Rendering

The wheels are rendered with great detail in Subtransit at highest quality settings and the highest detail LOD model. The wheels are a product of a complex multi-layered material and some mesh decal based multi-layering… but mostly just the product of how the source texture is made! As usual, this is just work in progress – only the base rendering with little to no polishing done on it.


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